Old jockey started as a vehicle to publish a draft PhD dissertation for public consumption. It will become a source of news and commentary.

I have been a journalist for most, but not all of my adult life and I am old enough now, 76, to be described as a veteran journalist. Whether I have reached my best before date is for others to decide.

A quick bio:  Roger Bill.  St. John’s , NL.  A Bachelor of Science degree.  A Master of Arts degree.  Twenty years with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation including ten years with the national CBC program Sunday Morning, covering Atlantic, national, and international political affairs.  Atlantic Bureau Chief for the Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC), a contributor to the Discovery Channel, Global Television, original host of the program In Conversation on Bell Aliant’s Community One television service, and Editor of the Newfoundland alternative newspaper, Current. Since 2020 a contributor to iPolitics.ca and The Shoreline, Newfoundland’s largest circulation community newspaper.